Springer Katalaog 2018/19

Check out our new catalog 2018/19!

Our brand new catalog with more than 400 pages with many new and interesting offers is available in the Springer Stores now!


Download our new catalog here (pdf, 196MB).


Our catalog of proven quality products offers a huge range of weapons for hunting and sport shooting, guns, airguns, ammunition, self-protection, optics, clothing and hunting and shooting accessories.


Below you'll find a detailed overview of the content of the current Springer catalog. A huge part of our catalog offers you will find in our online shop.




You will find the following products in our catalog:

Weapons hunting/sport

  • STEYR MANNLICHER hunting-/sport weapons
    BLASER hunting weapons
    MAUSER hunting weapons
    MIROKU shotguns
    BERETTA shotguns
    WINCHESTER shotguns, bolt action
    BROWNING shotguns
    FABARM bolt action, shotguns
    BENELLI shotguns
  • BAIKAL shotguns,
    BRNO shotguns,bolt action
    CZ shotguns
    UZKON shotguns
    ARMSAN shotguns
    SABATTI hunting weapons
    SAUER hunting weapons
    CZ hunting weapons
    FORTMEIER shotguns
  • TIKKA bolt action
    SAKO bolt action
    PEDERSOLI muzzle loader
    VOERE bolt action
    VERNEY CARON bolt action
    WEIHRAUCH bolt action
    RIGBY bolt action


  • CZ pistols
    WALTHER pistols
    SMITH & WESSON pistols
  • SIG SAUER pistols
    GLOCK pistols
    CRIMSON TRACE lasergrips
  • STEYR pistols
    PARDINI sport pistols

Air rifles

  • STEYR sport weapons
    CZ sport weapons
    BSA air rifles
    GAMO air rifles/-pistols
  • WEIHRAUCH air rifles/-pistols
    WALTHER air rifles
    UMAREX softair weapons
    UMAREX CO2 air rifles
  • SBARNETT & ARMEX crossbow/bows
    PARCUS CO2 arrow pistol

Self protection

  • BALLISTOL defense prays
    TW1000 pepper sprays
  • Electric shock
    UMAREX Gas-/signal weapons
  • UMAREX defense sprays
    RHÖM gas pistol


  • MICRODOT optics
    SCHMIDT & BENDER scopes
    ZEISS optics
    SWAROVSKI optics
    DOCTER optics
    LEUPOLD optics
    REDFIELD optics
  • STEINER optics
    BURRIS optics
    HAWKE optics
    BSA scopes
    GAMO scopes
    HIVIZ sights
    WALTHER optics
  • scopes mounting
    LEICA optics
    DIPOL night vision optics
    PULSAR night vision optics
    NIGHTOWL night vision optics


  • SELLIER & BELLOT cartridges
    WINCHESTER cartridges
    GAMEBORE shotgun ammunition
    BRUNNSTEINER shotgun ammunition
    ROTTWEIL shotgun ammunition
    FEDERAL ammunition
  • RWS ammunition
    NORMA rifle cartridges
    GEO ammunition
    BARNES rifle cartridges
    HORNADY rifle cartridges
    REMINGTON rifle cartridges
  • ZLAPUA & SK rimfire cartridges
    CCI ammunition
    GAMO LG Munition Signal ammunition
    Rare rifle cartridges

Hunting and shooting accessories

  • RCBS reloading
    PRESTIGE weapons cabinet
    Weapon care
    3M PELTOR ear & eye protection
  • WALKSTOOL trophy accessories
    JAGDHUND backpack & travel bags
    Gun cases
    WALTHER knives & lamps
    SWISSTIMER hunting watches


  • LE CHAMEAU boots
    MEINDL shoes
  • DIGITSOLE heated insole
    X JAGD clothing
  • X JAGD Demorphing clothing
    JAGDHUND clothing