Import & export of civilian arms, parts and ammunition 

We specialize in the import, export and transfer of civilian arms and ammunition and work together with internationally renowned partners in the logistics branch. We strictly observe laws, export regulations, embargos, and other requirements mandated by Austrian legislation. We cannot always undertake exports to all countries and must also respect the strict regulations maintained by airlines.

Our services include filing applications for Austrian import or export approval and arranging shipment. We recommend shipment of weapons by air freight, however we can also arrange for other means of transport such as truck or messenger service. Very limited quantities of ammunition (1-2 packages) may also be sent to some destinations by air freight.

Exports to a third-country (non-EU)

Pursuant to Austrian law, for exports to a third-country (non-EU)  we file an export application with the responsible ministry. The process takes about three weeks.

Imports/Exports within the EU

In the case of import/export (transfer) within the EU we submit, as prescribed by Austrian law, an application for an EU Firearms or Ammunition Transfer Document. This takes three working days. 

Please note that before we file an application, we require the following documents from you: 

Individual – third country (non-EU)

Copy of import permit for your country
Copy of license for possession of weapons/ammunition in your country
Copy of passport (date and place of birth must be recognizable)

Weapons dealer – third country

Copy of import permit for your country
Copy of End-User Certificate, if available
Copy of your authorization to conduct business activity, or license to conduct trade in weapons and ammunition.

Imports from a third-country (non-EU)

For imports from a third-country (non-EU)  we can upon the request of the sender (especially from the United States) apply for an import certificate from the responsible ministry. The process takes about two weeks.

Individual – EU 

A copy of your Firearms or Ammunition Transfer Document. In Germany the equivalent document is, for example, Prior Approval for the Acquisition of a Handgun in Another Member State by Persons from the Federal Republic of Germany.
Copy of passport (date and place of birth must be recognizable) 
Optional: Copy of the document permitting you to possess the weapon/ammunition in your country

Weapons dealer – EU 

Copy of your Firearms or Ammunition Transfer Document 
Copy of your authorization to conduct business activity, or license to conduct trade in weapons and ammunition.

We will not submit an application if documentation is not complete or documents are illegible. In most cases easily legible copies or scans (PDF, JPEG) are adequate. 

All documents must be submitted in German or English. If this is not possible, please provide a copy of the original document together with a certified translation (preferably into German, or English). 

Additionally, in all cases we require complete details of the contact person/recipient (address of recipient, telephone, fax, e-mail). 
Import Broker: 
German Gun Collector´s Association 
Mr. Fritz A. Berendsen 
4357 Highborne Drive, Marietta 
Georgia 30066-2430 

Phone (770) 971 - 3098 Fax (770) 971 - 4510 
E-Mail: fabavb@comcast.net 

Fed.Lic.No. 1-58-067-08-1J-02783 

The better the documents, the quicker the application will be approved! 

Import of dangerous goods
In special cases we can also arrange the import into Austria of Class 1.4G/S ammunition with the help of our logistic partners in Europe. For safety reasons such shipments are made only by truck. We also offer this service for non-civilian ammunition provided the required permits and end-user certificates are submitted. An application for permission to import such ammunition takes about two weeks to process. As particularly strict regulations apply to these imports, we decide on a case by case basis whether we are able to organize such transports.


Acquisition of weapons on the internet and domestic shipment of weapons (Austria) 
“What can’t be done at the store, we certainly won’t do on the web!” 

The acquisition of weapons on the internet – mail order purchases – is generally not possible. Joh. Springer’s Erben uses the web as an advertising medium and addresses only holders of a document permitting possession of a weapon (weapon possession certificate/gun license /hunting license) in Austria.

The formalities are carried out exclusively in one of our stores and originals of all required documents (weapon possession certificate/gun license /hunting license) must be presented. Reports to the Administration Office are made automatically by us. 

The mail order purchase of weapons by individuals is prohibited in Austria. In exceptional cases we can ship a weapon to your gunsmith or weapons dealer. However, this is possible only when you have agreed this with them. For such shipments we require your weapons dealer or gunsmith’s authorization to conduct business activity and contact details. 

Please call us at +43 1 - 512 77 32, if you have questions on these subjects.