JSE Workshop - Gunmaking in the heart of Vienna

Joh. Springer's Erben has manufactured more than 10.600 guns throughout its 180 years of existence. Many celebrities, among others Franz Joseph and Kaiser Wilhelm II had a "JSE -Rifle".

All rifles are exclusively produced in Vienna. 

Joh. Springer’s Erben uses only original parts or highly professional remakes from Austrian and German origin.

The project is planned together with the customer – the location in Vienna makes it easier for international customers because of its central location in Europe.

Among other things the projects consists of design and style issues, engraving meetings and tests.

In addition to our gunsmiths also Christian Johann Springer looks after the state of production several times a week.

For special engraving wishes there are also highly professional European Engravers at our disposal (additional duration 3-4 months).

Prices for such a unique piece start at around 35.000.

Bespoke manufacturing process

Springer - Logo
Springer - Logo