Austria is a green country in
the heart of Europe and
worth a visit for hunting

The Alps run through almost the entire country, out in the foothills in the Carpathian basin and shape our cultural landscape with its alpine pastures and dense forests. The practice of hunting is a large part of this culture and has a deeply rooted tradition here.

The tradition of hunting in Austria has been handed down over many generations and millennia.

For the Austrian hunting community, it is important to hunt sustainably and to maintain a balanced game population. This is illustrated by the diversity of species and impressive density.

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The huntable species in Austria differ greatly by region.

In the north-eastern parts, small game such as hare and pheasants are hunted, as well as the larger ungulates (red deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon). Whereas in the mountainous areas, chamois, ibex and marmot are found. The hunting of capercaillie, black grouse as well as foxes are especially interesting and challenging.

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Austria Alpine Special

In terms of hunting, longer range alpine hunting for chamois and ibex is the ultimate test of skill. Equally distinctive, the Roebuck hunt in May and the Red Deer rut beginning August are highlights of the Austrian hunting calender. The more social driven hunts on small and large game takes place in the autumn and winter months. The larger driven hunts are in this area predominantly for wild boar

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