Beautiful diversified landscapes

Highlands and mountains dominate the Spanish mainland. Hardly any inland area is below 600 metres above sea level. "Meseta" is the name of the huge, largely flat plateaus, which are hot and arid in summer and windy and cold in winter. Three large mountain ranges frame Spain.

The Iberian Capricorn

The Iberian Capricorn is probably the most popular representative of the Spanish fauna. It lives in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and other southern Spanish mountain regions and is the most famous of the four ibex species. Thanks to the large, sparsely populated high mountain regions in the south of the country, there is currently a healthy population of about 10,000 individuals.

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The red-legged partridge

The flight of the red-legged partridge is one of the fastest and most exciting that a hunter can imagine. For the rifleman, this is the supreme discipline. One must reckon with high hunting fever here, because the game density is excellent.

Wild boar hunt, "Montería"

The wild boar hunt, n spanish "Montería", is a traditional and authentic Spanish hunting method. Dog handlers with packs of so-called "rehalas" drive the animals to the individual hunting stands. The unpredictable reaction of these wild Spanish boar fill this experience with adrenalin and intensity. Here the quick shot is required.

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Stalking or "Montería" on red deer and fallow deer

The Spanish red deer is the largest and majestic game species in Spain, next to the brown bear. It is stalked and also hunted in Spain. The same applies to the smaller fallow deer. Therefore in Spain hunting possibilities for both game species are possible in a driven hunt and represent an extraordinary big game hunt.

The maned jumper

The maned jumper is a Berber sheep, originally from Africa and has adapted very well to the conditions in Spain. He is shy and can only be hunted during stalking. For this the hunter is rewarded with an exotic trophy.

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