Gun Storage

In our store at Josefsgasse 10, 1080 Vienna, you can rent a premium gun locker in our vault where you can store your weapons for short or long periods of time. The vault is a continuously ventilated cellar room secured by multiple mechanical locking devices, in which weapon cabinets in two different sizes can be rented. The weapons depot is a secure storage facility for weapons that remain the property of the hirer. The room is permanently tempered to <20° C and guarantees optimal storage conditions for all weapons with a constant humidity of under 35%.

In the small gun cabinet you can store approx. 8 long guns and approx. 6 handguns, in the large gun cabinet there is room for approx. 12 long guns and approx. 10 handguns. The size and the number of the weapon cabinets depend on your wishes or on the amount of weapons you want to store.