Buying weapons via the webshop and shipping

Should you wish to purchase a weapon via webshop, we will contact you after receiving your order in order to obtain all relevant documents (weapon possession card/weapon passport/hunting card, if you are Austrian) from you. For the pickup of the weapon, you will be asked then to come to one of our stores where your identity & correctness of all relevant original documents will be checked again. The registration of a weapon in the Austrian Central Weapon Register (ZWR) will be done by us for a fee of EUR 15,-.

Within Austria the delivery of weapons to private customers is prohibited according to § 50 (2) Gewerbeordnung 1994. However, we are entitled to send a weapon, but not ammunition, to a gunsmith or licensed arms dealer of your choice. This is only possible after prior consultation with us and the dealer, so please contact us and provide us with the contact details of your arms dealer.

If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact us by e-mail at or call us on +43 (0)1 406 11 04.

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