Export to a non-EU

Country For export to a non-EU destination we are required to apply for an export with the Austrian foreign ministry. The duration of this is approximately four to six weeks.

Import/Export within the EU

For an import/export (transfer) within the European Union, we must apply for a "EU Firearms or Ammunition Transfer Document" according to Austrian law. Duration: approx. one week. Please note that the following documents must be made available by you before we are able to submit an application:

Private - EU
A copy of your import allowance issued by the police or local authorities.

Copy of your passport (date and place of birth must be recognizable!)

Private – non-EU
A copy of your national import permit

Copy of your passport (date and place of birth must be recognizable!)

Arms dealer - EU
Copy of your company import allowance or EU transfer document issued by the police or local authorities.

A copy of license or registration as an authorized gun dealer in your country.

Arms dealer – non-EU
A copy of your national import permit

Copy of the end-user certificate ("End-User Certificate")

Imports from a non-EU country to Austria
When selling through us or submitting your guns for repair originating from a non-EU country will gladly apply for an import licence from the relevant ministry. This will generally take up to two weeks to obtain.

Purchasing and shipping

Purchasing weapons via the Internet and shipping weapons for Austria

The purchase of weapons via the Internet is generally not possible - The Internet is used by the company Joh. Springer's Erben merely as an advertising medium and only addresses people who are licensed and authorized to purchase weapons in Austria or in their own respective countries.

The processing of the purchase takes place exclusively in one of our shops and all necessary documents (weapon possession card/weapon passport/hunting card when Austrian) must be available in the original. Registering a weapon in the Austrian Governmental Weapons register are carried out by us for a fee of EUR 15.

Within Austria shipping weapons and ammunition to private customers by mail is prohibited. However, we are able to send a gun to a gunsmith or licensed gun dealer of your choice. This is only by prior agreement with ourselves and the dealer and please contacts us beforehand. We will require the contact details and a copy of the license of the dealer.

If you have any questions regarding any of these matters, please contact us by e-mail at webshop@springer-vienna.com or by telephone at +43 (0)1 406 11 04.

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