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MINOX DIGITAL EYEPIECE KAMERA 5.0 Waffe Jagd Auktion Bekleidung



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The Minox DCM 5.0 Digital Eyepiece Camera provides an affordable, fast, and easy entry point to the exiting world of digiscoping. The DCM 5.0 is a 5.0MP (interpolated) digital camera with a large 2.5" TFT monitor screen, and is made to custom fit the bayonet mount of Leica spotting scopes. A great benefit to nature lovers is that with the DCM 5.0 there is no need to add any additional equipment - such as brackets and special adapters - to get into practical digiscoping.

The large screen allows more than one person to not only view the subject at the same time but also see the pictures or video-clips taken or being taken. Being watertight and shock-proof, the DCM 5.0 can comfortably be used in adverse weather conditions, although bright light is preferable for good result with digiscoping. It is also built to stand up to rough outdoor use in extreme cases if necessary.

Comes with built-in 128MB memory, and accepts SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 4GB.

Convenient built-in folding "flip-up" shield protects the TFT monitor and operating controls during transportation and storage, and also acts as an anti-glare shield during operation.

The 2.5" color display monitor screen serves not only as a viewfinder for getting the subject into view but also for fine adjustment of the normal camera functions, as well as for checking the images after shooting.

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