NIKKO-STIRLING Mount Master 6x40

The Mountmaster series - ideal for caliber .22 and air guns

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The Mountmaster series - ideal for caliber .22 and air guns
These well-made target telescopes, with a very attractive price, will withstand real use. Mountmaster target spacers have a one-piece metal body for better reliability. Height and side adjustment are in a scale of 1/4 M.O.A. Adjustable and are equipped with a duplex reticle as standard.

All Mountmaster models are back-tested, water-resistant and fogged with nitrogen. The lenses are multi-coated.

In addition, a quick-mountable 3/8 "mount is included with all Mountmaster devices, which is ideal for air rifles and .22 rifles.

The Mountmaster 6x40 offers a sixfold magnification and is equipped with a 40mm objective lens.

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