RWS .270 Win. KS 9,7g/150gr 20 pcs.

RWS .270 Win. KS 9,7 /150 20 Stk

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The .270 Win. is a highly accurate cartridge that is extremely pleasant to shoot for light to medium-sized game, and thus best suited for roe deer, chamois and moufflon. Furthermore, it is a very good mountain cartridge with maximum effective ranges. The cartridge has only limited suitability for very large or dangerous game.

The performance data of this cartridge from the year 1925, which is based on the .30-06 Springfield case, is very well balanced.

A calibre widely used all over the world, particularly suitable for hunting deer, chamois, wild sheep and stags in mountainous regions.

Hunters covering expansive terrain appreciate the qualities this calibre offers, too.                           


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